GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALE –  Pierre Portugal – Stone Premium   Payment Claim The payment of this invoice should be done according to indicated conditions and never after 60 days’ date of invoice.   OWNERSHIP RESERVATION The ownership of the material of this invoice will only be transferred to the client after the payment of the total amount of the invoice.   TRANSPORT The transportation of the goods is responsibility of the client (EX-WORKS). Any problem with the goods after leaving our plant is total responsibility of the client.   ADVICE FOR APPLICATION Stone is a natural product with its own veins and tone variations that might have an odd distribution. In order to obtain a uniform application, is recommendable to blending pieces from different crates in order to uniform those variations. This blending should be made before the application. The odder material should be used for cutting pieces. Depending on the customer requirements, who may want a more uniform stone, a larger quantity should be ordered (it will not be accepted screening of the material).