TILES 60X30 AND 40X40



Why Natural Stone ?

With Natural Stone, we offer a product that matches the critéria of sustainable development, that is both unique and authentic. Our tiles, slabs and finished products are all made from 100% natural materials for our client´s pleasure.
Natural Stone is: ECOLOGICAL from it´s extraction to its use and possible re-use. No toxic, no allergy, no dust, no static. Can keep warm or be refreshing, easy to clean and hygienic. Durable, esthetic with  a choice of different colours and finishes. That is why natural stone is the new trend for the XXI century.   MOCA CREME – MOLEANOS – CREME FATIMA – BEIGE CLASSIK – BEIGE ROYAL – VALVERDE – ATLANTIC BLUE – ROSAL – ST HUBERT – BEGE LIGHT – CREME SINTRA – CREME IMPERIAL – RUIVINA – ESTREMOZ  ​Our tiles are available for delivery within 25 days from order. Our tiles are supplied in crates and delivered by road transport. If you want to order slabs, we can offer you a variety of different materials and finishes. To have more informations on our slabs or tiles, enter in the menu and chose your stone then you can ask for any question, or :

If you want to order our tiles or our slabs, please contact us at: shop@pierreportugal.shop