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Neolith Sintered Stone is a trendsetting material that is redefining the future of interior design. With an extensive range of colors and finishes, NEOLITH is a designer product that has created exciting possibilities for interior decorating applications and exterior cladding projects.

Neolith large format tiles eliminate grout lines, making it a more hygienic option than traditional tile. The tiles are scratch, stain, & heat resistant. The tiles are also UV stable, making them suitable for exterior applications.

Neolith is 100% ecofriendly, using natural materials and technologies that respect the environment. Our sintered stone is susta inably and responsibly manufactured, complying with every European Environmental safety standard.

The technology and precision used to manufacture Neolith ensures optimum efficiency in terms of energy consumption and use of raw materials. The production and lifecycle of Neolith surfaces have the minimum possible impact on the environment and the product is fully recyclable – Shop